Protecting your car paint from rain, pollution and UV rays

We offer professional paint protection

Cost-effective car paint protection

Ever paid for Autoglym Lifeshine, Diamondbrite, etc? The charge for such a service can reach up to £500 for a professional to apply it.

Most of that money is for the salesperson and often will be carried out by an inexperienced valeter that will be rushing to get on to the next car reflecting their targets in the job.

Other Valet companies will charge high labour rates adding a further £100 on top of their original quote.

Autobright Valeting doesn’t believe this is fair and our key to regular clients is our pride in what we do and low charge of £175 (depending on the size of the vehicle).

Let us protect your peace of mind

Even a brand new car won’t show flawless paintwork. Transporting cars around the country or even the world can leave your new car with a few scuffs and blemishes. Why not make the delivery of your new car special and get it fully prepared and protected for the big day!

When big dealerships charging high prices for the products used when they don’t deliver any benefits, why not try something that will actually work and be cost effective.

Valeting Services from £25

Paint Protection - £175

At Autobright Valeting Co, we offer you a professional car valeting service at competitive rates. You can also ask us for a free quote. Call our experts to learn more about us.